Character Profiles

I'm trying to get a little bit ahead of you readers in the story so I'm going to feed you another entry by giving you the character profiles of each character. Here we go.

Name: Marina Goldman

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Hephaestus

Description:  About 5' 7". She has olive skin and jet-black hair that is just below her ears. Pretty, but not Aphrodite-Beautiful. She always wears jeans and usually has a long-sleeved shirt on for working in the forges.

Disposition: Very popular around the camp for being the best forger other than Tyson, the cyclops. Somewhat of a know-it-all.

Specialty: She can do wonders with raw metal, even without a forge.

Choice of weapon: She has a cannon that she invented herself, that folds down into a makeup case. Offensively, it can shoot out a fireball, but it needs time to warm up. For defensive purposes, it can fire out a virtually unbreakable steel net. If that fails or if she doesn't have it then she is proficient with a sword.

Family: Heather and Jonathan Goldman (mother and step-father.)

Name: Kyle Julius

Age: 15

godly Parent: Demeter

Description: Blonde hair that he keeps well-kept. Very skinny, but in a healthy way

Disposition: VERY sarcastic. Doesn't always think before he speaks. Loyal when it suits him, selfish when it doesn't.

Specialty: Plants. Extremely proficient with growing and harvesting plants

Choice of Weapon: A scythe that folds down into a trowel. A gift from his mother. When he has it, his control over plants strengthens tenfold.

Family: His father died recently. He was never really close with him anyway.

Name: Will Monterey

Age: 17

Godly Parent: unclaimed

Description: 6' even. Very muscular. Very strong jaw. Regularly shaves his head to keep his hair short and wears a bandana as a hairband.

Disposition: Very bold, but has a cheery personality. Somewhat sensitive about his parenthood.

Specialty: One of the best sword fighters in the camp. The best spear fighter in the camp.

Choice of weapon: prefers a sword over a spear, but is skilled either way.

Family: Rose Monterey and Julia Monterey. His mother and sister with whom he is very close.

Other: It's 'Will' NOT 'William'

Name: Hunter

Age: 16

Godly Parent: Hunter of Artemis. Explained in the story.

Description: 6' 2" broad-shouldered. Somewhat built. Medium length dark brown hair. Wears t-shirts, gray relaxed fit jeans, and a worn out pair of green low cut Chuck Taylor Converse. Very young looking but mature.

disposition: Quiet at times. The strong silent type. Very determined. Loves the wilderness and outdoors.

specialty: A strong affinity for animals and hunting.

choice of weapon: bow and arrow or a hunting knife. Has a pet wolf, named Orion

family(non-godly): none really. Mom died in childbirth.