Chapter 10

“My wolf? I remind her of a wolf.” Chiron rolled his eyes.
“Your wolf was named after Orion the hunter. The only man Artemis ever loved. The two of them were hunting partners and they were the best hunters this world has ever seen. Due to the fact Orion got a big head. He boasted that he was even a better hunter than the god of Apollo. What’s rule one, Hunter?” Hunter thought for a second.
“Never say you’re better than a god.” Chiron nodded.
“That’s exactly what Orion did. He said that he could kill anything thrown at him. Apollo in an angry rage sent a scorpion to strike his heel, killing him. They say Artemis in her immense grief and sadness placed Orion among the stars. That’s why you can find the Orion constellation in the night sky.”
“Wait so that’s why Artemis hates men? Because of her brother?”
“No it’s been an accumulation of many things. Orion being boastful. Apollo’s anger. Man’s violent tendencies. Artemis spared you, though. She saw what she saw in Orion and she knew that she needed to protect you.”
“So Artemis…loves me?” Hunter cringed. The age difference bothered him.
“Well, in a way, yes. She does. She knows that she can have no part of romantic love. And because of the she hasn’t been able to have any children. This fact is part of the reason she started the Hunters in the first place. She sees a strength so prominent in you, the strength she saw in Orion, and decided that she wanted to keep you. Not in a romantic sense, but in a motherly sense. She’d never say this directly to anyone, but I see it, too.” Hunter gave a few nods and it finally sank in what Chiron was trying to say.
“Okay, so I’m a Hunter of Artemis. Now what? I have all of this stuff, now and I’m still stuck here.”
“Well, that was part of the reason I wanted to talk to you. I think you should talk to the Oracle. Miss Dare is supposed to arrive here after lunch. Rumor has it she has a new prophecy to report.”
“I have a prophecy?! You mean I’m going to be a hero?” Hunter beamed. Hunter had completely forgotten about the prophecy Artemis had warned him about.
“That’s only if you succeed. Come to the Big house after lunch and you can see Miss Dare.”
“I’ll be there!” Hunter’s mind flooded with excitement and worry as he watched Chiron turn to walk away. Hunter ran up to Chiron, the closest thing he has had to a real parent, and hugged him. “Thank you. For everything.” Chiron gave Hunter a big smile.
“That’s ‘thank you for everything,’ sir.” Hunter was practically glowing.
“Oh! Sorry, Sir.” Hunter laughed and watched Chiron leave the arena.
"Oh and sorry about the Chimera. It might have been a little too much." Chiron said, peeking his head back into the arena.
"Nothing I couldn't handle,sir." Hunter smiled. His mind was so full of thoughts and information it felt like he was going to explode. He adjusted his quiver and sprinted towards the Hephaestus cabin. He knocked on the door and waited until Marina answered.
“Look, I have so much information that I need to unload some of it on someone and I chose you because I could always talk to you, when we were working on the forge. SO I jus-“ Hunter hadn’t taken a single breath when he was interrupted by a hand put over his mouth.
“Really? I just woke up and you expect me to understand what you just said? Not gonna happen. So I’m gonna get dressed. Then you and I are going to get lunch and you can bear your soul to me or whatever.” Marina said, sleepily. Still rubbing sleep from her eyes. She was gone for about five minutes. She came out fully dressed with her jet-black hair tied up behind her head. Hunter and Marina walked to the dining pavilion, got food, sacrificed some, and sat down at the Artemis table. Hunter picked up his glass and said, “Orange Japanese Wasabi Pepsi.” As soon as he said it, the glass filled up with the bright orange liquid. Hunter took a sip and was taken aback by the taste of the drink he requested.
 “The cups cannot be stumped.” He looked at Marina who had already begun eating. She looked up and noticed his gaze.
“Alright so what was it you needed to tell somebody?” Hunter took a deep breath and then told Marina everything about his recent meeting with Chiron. After the first 2 minutes Marina stopped eating and only listened. After he was done all she could manage was, “Wow. I…wow…”
                “Sorry for dumping on you. I just really needed to tell someone.” Hunter felt lighter. “So after this I’m gonna go see if I have a prophecy.” Hunter started to get really nervous over the proximity of the upcoming event.  He gritted his teeth and stood up.
                “Hey, Hunter. Good luck.” She stood up and hugged him. Hunter nodded and then left. The walk to the Big house seemed like an eternity. It was possible that he was purposefully walking slower. Hunter couldn’t tell.  He finally arrived at the door of the Big house door and waited right outside the door for what seemed like forever.  He finally built up the courage and swung opened the door. Hunter stood in the doorway and saw a redheaded girl turn to look at him.
                “You must be Hunter.” She said, flashing a smile in his direction. “I’m Rachel Elizabeth Dare and I have something for you.”