Chapter 4

It was his 7th year at Camp Half-Blood. He was 11 years old.  He was just starting to warm up to the idea of having friends in the camp.  His first friend was a girl named Kate. She was the daughter of Aphrodite and the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  They had decided one afternoon to go hiking in the woods.  Hunter had just proved himself as a very proficient knife fighter. Everyone in the camp was wowed by his skill with the very knife he was holding 5 years later.  They were walking when Hunter heard a whispery voice.  He turned toward the voice and saw a narrow-faced man dressed in a gray trench coat.  He looked like he didn’t belong there.  He rubbed his eyes and when they opened again he was gone.
“What is it?” Kate said.
“Nothing. Just thought I saw something.”  They kept walking and they were having fun when they got separated.
“Kate! Kate!” Hunter shouted and looked everywhere for her. He heard his name shouted in her voice from somewhere behind him. He turned and looked and saw a Minotaur standing there.  Hunter was surprised then realized that Kate must be in danger. Hunter steeled himself and then charged at the Minotaur. His knife drawn.  He charged and leaped on to the monsters back and stabbed furiously.  The Minotaur fell and Hunter stood there breathing heavily, his knife dripping red thick blood onto the ground.  Hunter started looking for Kate again when he realized the Minotaur wasn’t disappearing.  He looked back and saw the man in the trench coat standing over the body of the Minotaur. He had an evil smile on his face. “Who are you?”
“The name’s Dolos. Good job slaying the….Minotaur” The way he said ‘Minotaur’ made Hunter’s skin crawl. “I’m sure you’ll see me again.” After he said that he snapped his fingers and then disappeared.
“Wait, Why…” He couldn’t get his question out before Dolos was gone. Hunter looked around for Kate. He turned around and saw the Minotaur’s body still there.  He started to get worried about Kate, and approached the Minotaur to see if there was any clue to her location there.  As he approached the Minotaur, he saw mist rising from the lifeless body.  He got closer and saw that the mist was clearing and slowly the Minotaur was transforming from the giant bull-man creature into the body of a small girl. “KATE!” Hunter sprinted toward her lifeless body, knelt down and cradled her body in his arm. “KATE! Kate! Wake up!” He tried everything to wake her up. It was no use. Hunter picked up her lifeless body and ran towards the camp. “CHIRON! CHIRON! SOMEONE HELP!” He ran into the camp and burst into the Big house. Chiron immediately called in two campers who took Kate’s body into the infirmary.
After taking care of Kate he turned to me and said, “Hunter, you’re going to tell me exactly what happened.” Through the sobs, Hunter told everything to Chiron. “Dolos. I haven’t heard that name in a very long time.”
“Who is he? Is he a god I haven’t heard of or something?”
“Hunter, he’s the god of trickery. He tricked you into seeing the Minotaur instead of Kate. Why he did it? I have no idea. I vaguely remember some discrepancy between him and Aphrodite a few years ago. That might explain it.”
“So Dolos killed her. No…I…killed her.” Hunter burst into tears again this time he ran out the door.  He walked into the bathroom of Hermes cabin, his knife in his hand, still red with Kate’s blood. Hunter looked in the mirror and saw his own reflection, dirty and tired from sweat and tears. He went to splash water onto his face and noticed again he was holding the knife.  He held it in front of his face. All of the events from the past few hours flashed in his brain. He dropped the knife into the sink and started cry again. He turned on the water and started washing the blood from his blade. Rubbing furiously, his hands covered in cuts, he washed all of the blood except for one spot on the knife.  He washed and scrubbed and nothing could get the spot out.  After a few hours Hunter, drained of tears, Hunter put his knife into its sheath and then hid it under his bed for it to never bother him again.