Chapter 12

                When he arrived at the beach he looked down the shore in both directions a couple of times before he saw Will sitting in the surf, staring out at the horizon.  Marina, Kyle and Hunter ran over and sat down next to him.
                “You know, I have come here a lot in the past year. I’ve always sat in this exact same spot and looked at the same section of the horizon and, sometimes, for hours prayed to the gods, hoping that I would be claimed.  To feel so close, but be so far off. I need to be claimed. I need this.” Will was holding back tears. Hunter put one hand on Will’s back.
                “I’ve got something that will more than likely expedite the process.” Hunter had all of Will’s attention. “You are coming with us on a quest.” Will’s eyes seemed to be almost smiling.
                “A quest?! Your prophecy? And you’re bringing me along. Thanks, man. That means a lot. Hopefully, once we succeed my parent will finally claim me.” Will was glowing with anticipation.
                “I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t claim a hero.” Hunter said giving Will a reassuring pat on the back. “So get ready. We leave tomorrow morning.”
                “I’ll be there!” Will jumped up and sprinted off towards his cabin to pack up his stuff. The three of them sat there for a second listening to the sound of the waves. Almost simultaneously, they all stood up.
                “I should go pack.” Hunter said. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning.” Hunter walked back to the camp and took a shower. He realized that it had been a long time since he had taken a shower. He washed away the dirt and the grime that typically builds up around the camp. He cleaned off the sweat and the tears that had built up in the emotional roller coaster ride that was the past two day. He walked back into the Artemis cabin and shoved some clothes into a backpack. He made sure he had his watch and his pendant. Hunter sat on his bed, absorbing all of the events of the past day and anticipating all of the events of the upcoming adventure. He sat there for probably an hour before standing up and leaving. Hunter left the cabin and walked out to the dining pavilion and waited for dinner. It was probably an hour and a half before dinner was served. Hunter got his food and sacrificed some to his new parent. He sat down and devoured it like it was going to be his last meal. As soon as he was finished he walked back to his cabin and got into bed and tried to go to sleep. His eyes stayed wide open until around midnight when he slowly drifted off to sleep.
                Hunter woke up and slipped on some clothes. He grabbed the bag he had packed the night before, and opened the door to his cabin. What he saw terrified him. Camp Half-Blood was on fire. There was smoke pouring into the once clear sunny sky. Campers were fighting each other, and the wood nymphs and the satyrs were being slaughtered left and right by other campers. Hunter dropped his back and started running toward the Big house. As he stepped out of the cabin he tripped over something and fell down. He got up and dusted himself off and looked back. Orion’s lifeless body was lying there. Hunter ran back and cradled his loyal wolf’s body in his arms. With tears pouring down his cheeks he dropped the body and started sprinting toward the Big house. Hunter summoned his bow, Kate, and loaded an arrow. He fired into the back of an Ares camper bashing down the door to the Big house. He loaded and fired another arrow in the head of a charging Ares camper. He burst into the Big house and looked around. He got there just in time to see Mr. D standing over the bloodied body of Chiron. Mr. D scowled at Hunter and disappeared just as an arrow from Hunter’s bow zoomed through the spot where he was standing. He ran over to Chiron. He knelt down by Chiron and try to get a sense of his wounds. Hunter took off his shirt and tried to wipe off some of the blood. He was holding pressure to a wound when he noticed Chiron stirring. “Chiron! Chiron! What happened? What’s going on?!” Chiron took a deep labored breath and opened his mouth.
                “HUNTER! HUNTER!” Hunter stared as a voice that didn’t belong to Chiron came from his mouth. The voice was familiar to Hunter. Hunter had heard that exact voice 5 years ago. Suddenly, he was back in the woods. Looking for Kate. He was watching his eleven year old self search for Kate. Hunter tried screaming at his younger self, but his voice wouldn’t breakthrough to him. He saw Kate standing there, her back turned to eleven year old Hunter.  Hunter screamed as he watched himself five years ago jump on Kate and stab her over and over again. He looked up from the horror and saw the narrow-faced man he saw all of the times he relived the horrible event. The narrow-faced man had one hand pointed toward Kate almost as if he was pushing something at her. Hunter looked back to see his younger self looking around again then watched as his eyes fix upon Dolos.
                “The name’s Dolos. Good job slaying the…Minotaur.” Hunter looked as he once again relived this tragedy. This time as Dolos said ‘Minotaur’ it almost seemed like he glanced at 16 year old Hunter. “I’m sure you’ll see me again.” Dolos stared directly at older Hunter and chuckled as he snapped his fingers and Hunter woke up.